Tom G’s 10th Kushmas Sets the Tone for 2020: The Return of Jook City

January 8, 2020

If you missed Tom G’s 10th Kushmas at Club Skye with his family, Team Fetti, on Christmas night, then you truly missed out! It was a night for the ages! If you are a Tampa native, then you know an event with names such as Tom G, Krazy, Rated R, Tampa Tony, Tae Bae Bae, Oohwee Jive (The Underdawgs), Young AJ, Priceless Scott, JCreek and many more IS HISTORIC. If you were like the Naveszn Team, you were probably trying your hardest not to lose your mind to all of the music that you grew up Jookin, Twerkin, Kan Wanging, Jackson Heightin, 2fouring, Kranking, Riding, and moving too.

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It was a time of togetherness and litness. There hasn’t been a night in Tampa’s music history that we’ve seen all of the legends under one roof with a sense of¬†camaraderie….EVER. It felt like we time traveled from 1999 to the 2010’s…2009-2012 in specific for some of us remembering those live King, Tech, Hillsborough, Blake and Armwood days when Tae Bae and Young AJ were hot! Then we hit 2019 with that City Boy Mix and I’m So Tampa! We even took people back to their Club Underground, Manilla, New Lounge days….it was hard to contain the excitement.

A Big Shout out to Tom G and the rest of Team Fetti for truly sustaining the legacy of an event that brings the city out year after year. Their love for Tampa shows and is appreciated.

This Kushmas set the tone for many big announcements that the city has in store for 2020….Keep your ears open for many important announcements from Team Fetti and Naveszn Media.

Check out the Recap Video here!

We saw what happened in 2019 so imagine what can happen in 2020. We just have to stick together and all be dedicated to truly wanting to see Tampa win!

In the mean time Enjoy some Tampa Hits!

Author: Nave Sizon

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