Ghetto Kids Make The World Go Round


Why is it that anything Black is Ghetto until society deems it as “High Fashion” or “Innovative”? Our beautiful black culture makes the world go round. God showed out when He made us!                                                                                                                           

25% of the proceeds from your shirt will go to the “42nd Street Community Garden of Miracles” This community garden is at New Saint Paul AME Church formerly known as Gregg Temple AME which was founded by my great grandfather. It is pastored by Rev. RJ Stevenson, a young agent of change making his mark on our community. Please read below.

“Tampa’s Northview Community is a low-income residential area full of black families, veterans and youth! With the absence of sufficient food resources, this community is considered a “food desert!’ We desire to develop a sustainable source of nourishment for the community we serve! Will you help us reach our goal by supporting the “Garden of Miracles” project? This initial venture of the New Saint Paul Community Development Corporation will be a blessing to the community-at-large and produce an innovative model of ministry in the church and community.”    

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