Locs of Love: The Griggs Brothas

May 2, 2019

In 2017, I had the chance to meet Clayton and Chris Griggs at the Conde Nast Diversity in Fashion panel in NYC. Their unique, afrocentric flare captured the attention of the room. This is not even mentioning the fact that their locs were beautiful and there were TWO of them. These Washington DC natives are definitely paving a way in fashion through custom embroidery and design. They’ve had their hand in places such as Nike, Ralph Lauren,  LFANT, Adidas, Dr. Marten, Neiman Marcus and many more. And if you watch basketball, they are the designers for Kawhi Leonard. Super cool.

As practicing Rhastafarians, they live their life enjoying the natural beauty that comes with life; appreciating the world that God gave us. Their Locs are significant in this lifestyle. With peace and love at the forefront of their lives, The Griggs Brothas are truly trendsetters, not only in the lane of fashion, but living in the walk of peace and love.

Meet Chris and Clayton

“Give thanks and praise to the Lord and we will feel alright.” – Bob Marley

“The highest truth in the world is love.”
Abhijit Naskar

“Once we are made aware of the universality of our angsts and joys, we become one under the sky of humanity”
Mala Naidoo

“In love lies liberation – in love lies emancipation – in love lies absolution. Love yourself, love your fellow beings, love your brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, beyond all uncivilized, sectarian citadels of barbarian discrimination and prejudices.”
Abhijit Naskar, Saint of The Sapiens

Team Credits:

Talent: Clayton & Chris Griggs 

Creative Director/Stylist: NAVE

Photographer: Mark Clennon

Assistant Stylist: Shanice Chance

Location: Central Park

*Each person’s Instagram is attached to their names under Team Credits


Author: Nave Sizon

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