Director Tevin Scott Raises the Stakes with new film, Taste Of The Mecca

March 7, 2019

Director Tevin Scott, 25, may be young but is no rookie to the game. Even his IMDB is heavy hitting and speaks for him, “Tevin Scott was born on March 7, 1994 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. He is a director and writer, known for Doing It Wrong (2016), #TheRealHU (2016) and Taste of the Mecca (2019).”

Happy Birthday! Tevin I hope you’re living it up!


If you have not seen his films or web series, I employ you to go do so immediately.

What is a major goal for yourself and your films?

Tevin: I want my work to be seen and appreciated on a large platform. I wanna be able to a live a lavish life from making content, telling my story and the stories of other people of color. I want my work to inspire the next generation and I wanna go down as one of the most influential auteurs of all time. 

As a 2016 graduate of Thee Illustrious Howard University, he created some of his first films on campus with his friends and other student actors.

I remember being a freshman and Tevin had just released his short film “Visitation: The Movie” in the summer of 2013. I entered Howard in Fall 2013, so this movie amongst other Youtube videos had my class ready to get on campus. It was the talk of the town. So funny, so relatable and just overall enjoyable. He was a sophomore at the time. There, seemingly, was no one doing it like his Raise The Stakes TV brand when it came to releasing short films. For a student to direct such professional work was inspiring and solidified the group’s image in a positive light. He reflected the true stories of the student body, administration and culture. When you heard that Raise the StakesTV was dropping at 8pm, you and your friends would make sure you left the cafe in time to be waiting by your computer screens at 7:45. The next day, all you would hear were lines from it. It was also funny because you’d see him around campus and he’d just be super chill and nonchalant like he hadn’t just released pure Howard Excellence. His talent, humble nature and willingness to work horizontally has taken him a long way.

Also, we’ve seen you produce countless amazing films, on the sets of Insecure and even chatting it up with Diddy, so we know you work hard.  What kind of tips do you have for people who are trying to hustle to push their crafts to the next level? 

Tevin: Keep working and growing in your craft and doors will open that you couldn’t have imagined. I truly believe all the amazing opportunities I’ve had have been the result of divine timing and all I had to do was remain consistent in the work and effort I put forth. To get your craft to the next level, study the greats, find a trusted circle of people who you can get constructive feedback from, and just keep grinding on your art. The results will come from that.

I felt that….

In 2018, Tevin and his best friend Rome, also a Howard alum, were selected as winners for Issa Rae’s Insecure On Set Contest. They were flown out to LA and assisted with the production of season 3 of Insecure. I can’t think of a more deserving or talented duo.

Here’s their winning submission…amazing.

What’s a message that you’re trying to get across in your latest film, Taste of the Mecca?

Tevin: Above all I want people from all walks of life to see the beauty of the HBCU experience. It’s such a rich and nuanced culture that a lot people are unaware of, and “Taste” will give them a glimpse of what they’ve been missing. Ultimately, the last message I’d like the film to get across is that we need a TV series depicting the HBCU experience for the next Generation.


Never just working on one project, Tevin has been working on his latest film, “Taste of the Mecca.” Even the film poster hits home to a really funny Howard reference. If you went to Howard, you’ve definitely seen the first picture and remember thinking you were going to find love when you got there. (Jokes) This alone makes the anticipation of the film great! And it was only right that he did a screening of the film at Howard last Friday, with Charter Day being the next day.

Sidenote: Shout out to my good sis, Kamri for looking amazing on the poster and I’m sure doing an amazing job of an actress.

What platforms can we find the film on to watch it?

Tevin: The film will be released Summer 2019. Stay tuned for the platform! We hope it’s a big one! 🙏🏾

I have faith that it will be nothing short of amazing. I won’t even be surprised if it premieres at select theaters around the US. #SpeakingItIntoExistence. Keep making us proud Tevin, we got you!


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Author: Nave Sizon

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