Are you Awake: Stop And Listen to the Birds

March 15, 2019

Have you actually stopped to listen to the birds chirp lately?

For the past couple of nights, there’s been a number of mockingbirds singing like the Mississippi Mass Choir outside of my side door. I’ve had no choice but to listen because I’ve been awake trying to work through this creative block that’s held me captive for a couple of weeks. Creative blocks suck because even though you’re producing work, its not exactly what you want.

I’ve been trying to find inspiration for Naveszn, myself, and other personal projects that I’ve been planning for months but not following through with. Even through the blockage, I put the pedal to the metal to keep my drive going. But sometimes I get exhausted. You ever worked too hard that you forget what birds sound like? You ever take a hot shower but you barely feel it anymore? You ever know your work commute so well that it feels like you’re walking, driving or riding with your eyes closed? You literally forget to smell the flowers. You’re drumming through life in this lullaby of a rhythm.

But wait…listen to the birds.

I think the birds outside of my door are more than just a group of birds meeting to talk about the recent time change. I think it’s God’s way of making me take a break, relax and enjoy the natural occurrences of life that he affords us while he brings our blessings to us. So for two nights while I’ve been up, I’ve taken the time to actually listen to the birds. I promise you, I never understood why people liked to listen to them. But when you actually listen, you understand the beauty and the complexities of what these creature’s voices are capable of. There were different octaves, pitches, and an assortment of sounds. The beautiful thing about the Mockingbird is that they can sing over 200 tunes.

At first I found it annoying and thought that they’d hinder my sleep. Then I actually thought about it. I go to sleep to a bright ass TV with medium level volume every night.

Listening to the birds is also significant to me in a special way. I remember when I was a senior in college…a very broke senior. One Sunday, I went to church and the pastor spoke about sometimes hearing the sounds of birds means that your blessing is on the way. This was at Ebenezer AME in Maryland. Pastor Grainger Browning said how he and a his family were going through a period where they were waiting on God to bless them. In particular, they wanted a new house because the house they lived in was so close to the highway that their kids couldn’t play outside. He said they couldn’t even “hear the birds chirp.” He talked to one of his minister friends who’d told him to wait with great expectation because soon, he’d hear the birds chirp and his blessings would be on the way. One day, he woke up to the silence of the busy highway and the sounds of birds. A day or two later, they were approved for a new house and an abundance of other blessings. I took that message with me. That night I remember I was on my last dollar.  I had just enough to buy some Ramen noodles and a jug of water.  I was so embarrassed.

But YALL Look at how God works. All of a sudden, a bird, literally, swoops over me and other shoppers…INSIDE TARGET.

I said “Ok God, I hear you.” The next morning, I promise you, I heard these chirps outside of my window. Mind you, I lived on the 6th floor and above the entrance to the parking garage. Soon after, I get a text from my friend telling me to check my account. With my own eyes, I saw a $350 refund from Southwest for a trip that was originally nonrefundable. I cannot make this type of stuff up….

This is the same Pastor, who’s wife, Pastor Joanne Browning, prophesied in church that I’d get into my fellowship at Columbia. She had no idea who I was. She was praying after her sermon and looked me square in the eyes from the pulpit and said “You’re going to get the scholarship. Full tuition covered.” It was like God speaking through her. I also, cannot make this up…

Maybe these birds are spiritual guides trying to tell me that He’s answering my prayers soon. Birds have always been seen as messengers of all types. They’re also said to be passed loved ones sending messages of good news.

I stay next door to my grandma. And the birds are between our houses. We’ve been going through a lot lately because of her dementia. But last night, not only did I hear birds but I also saw a shooting star. If you read my other story, that shooting star reference will make more sense.  I know good news is on the way. A blessing.

Today’s lesson,

  • Stop and breathe. You’ve been working hard and you deserve a break. Go for a walk. Look at the sunset. Practice some self care. It’s ok.

  • Open your spiritual ears and eyes. Listen to everyday occurrences with a more keen sense because it might be saying something that you need to hear. It doesn’t have to be your ears. But your awareness. You may be closer to your breakthrough than you think.

Author: Nave Sizon

Founder of - I'm a FL native, a Howard and Columbia grad and a creator of many things. As a polymath, I do so much. I care about so many things. was the perfect tool to utilize my gifts and my love for highlighting the talents and stories of black people and culture.

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Author: Nave Sizon

Founder of - I'm a FL native, a Howard and Columbia grad and a creator of many things. As a polymath, I do so much. I care about so many things. was the perfect tool to utilize my gifts and my love for highlighting the talents and stories of black people and culture.