was founded to explore and highlight the diverse experiences, cultures, talents & stories of amazing Black people, minorities & people from around the world—Focusing on collaboration and shining a light on true, unadulterated narratives while spreading the good news!




If you are a writer, photographer, artist, stylist, and would like to submit your work, please attach your resume, work samples and many links that may give better insight into what you do to your email.  


Note from the Founder  is a dream come true. Thank you for coming and believing in the platform, the people and the content.  It is my hope that will be a glimmer of hope to highlight the positive occurrences and transparent stories that are still happening around us. Sometimes we need to laugh. Sometimes we need to cry. Sometimes we want to be super informed. Sometimes we just want to feel like someone gets us.  I can tell you that this is the place for all of these things. It is my prayer that you leave wanting more and I promise you, the door will always be open.

Wishing you much Godspeed,


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